Child Poverty Patrons

Child Poverty Patrons

The North East Child Poverty Commission is seeking three high profile, committed people to act as Patrons, supporting its work to highlight and address the challenge of eradicating child poverty in the region.

The roles would entail:

  • Acting as public spokesmen or women for the Commission
  • Publicising the Commission’s key messages
  • Influencing key targets such as politicians, employers and the press
  • Advising the Commission on opportunities to get its message across

The Patrons would not be expected to attend Commission meetings, though they would be welcome to do so.  The role is likely to require participation in one or two high profile activities per year.  Examples of the sort of activity that a Patron might be involved with include:

  • Chairing the press launch of a Commission publication
  • Speaking about the work of the Commission at conferences, events or meetings
  • Hosting a dinner for invited guests, on behalf of the Commission

We will approach some people directly, but wanted to cast the net a bit wider to find the best possible people, so we are seeking nominations of potential Patrons.  Suitable individuals would:

  1. Have a commitment to addressing Child Poverty
  2. Have a strong connection to the North East
  3. Have a high profile within either the public sector, private sector or Civil Society
  4. Be willing and able to commit the time required to the role.

There are three ways to nominate someone (or yourself) as a suitable Child Poverty Patron:

North East Child Poverty Patrons Nomination Form.docx


Work has to be a better route out of poverty. Most poor children have a working parent.

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Poverty leads to poor attainment.  Poor attainment leads to poverty.

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Local Authorities

Councils have a duty to address child poverty through their services, jobs and contracts.

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Everyone can help to tackle child poverty. Every contribution matters.

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