Data is the new bacon

Data is the new bacon

I spent the weekend of 4th October 14 with some brilliant people taking part in a Datadive.  This is an initiative by Datakind UK, a charity that matches data scientists with good causes, to tackle projects to help those good causes make better use of their data.  This turns out to be even more fun than it sounds. Over 100 folk gave up most of their weekends to work on data analysis and presentation on behalf of the Citizens Advice Bureau, St Mungos and - of course - the Child Poverty Commission.  

Datadive volunteers at the end of the second nightHere are the hardy souls still standing at 10.00 on Saturday evening.

We're not quite ready to upload the amazing new tools that they produced, but they will provide a valuable new set of tools for analysis of child poverty in the North East.  The amount of progress in such a short space of time has been really impressive. We hope to make it available very soon, and will look to roll it out across the country if there is interest.

For now, here are a couple of sneak previews:

A Live demo link of an interactive web app - still a work in progress, but impressive for a weekend's work - here

The end of session presentation delivered by the team that worked on the Child Poverty Commission:


Huge thanks to everyone who contributed, and to DataKind UK for giving us this opportunity.

We hope to organise a Datadive event in the North East - let us know if this would be of interest.



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