Few and Far Between - Living Wage Employers in the North East

Few and Far Between - Living Wage Employers in the North East

The Living Wage Foundation have kindly provided details on the living wage employers in the North East, and I’ve done some simple analysis, below.  This is not perfect as:

  • it omits unregistered Living Wage employers
  • it does not reflect the many employers who are working towards paying a Living Wage
  • it only reflects a snapshot in time, and is already out of date
  • it is based on the published locations of the organisations, which may not be where their main employment is based

Despite these caveats, it should hopefully spur some people into doing more to promote the Living Wage within their local area.  Because the bottom line is we need more Living Wage employers in the North East.

[In all of the graphs below, the vertical axis shows the number of accredited Living Wage employers in the region at the beginning of April 2014]

1.  Size and Sector

Living Wage employers in the North East are predominantly small, voluntary sector organisations:

Size   sector

2. Industry

Reflecting this, most Living Wage employers describe their industry as ‘Charity’, but there is a wide range of other activities covered:



3. Geography

The main cluster of Living Wage employers is, perhaps unsurprisingly, found in Newcastle, especially in the West End.  There are some Living Wage employers in most parts of the region, but not all: there are none in Sunderland, South Tyneside, Darlington or Stockton.

LA Area

Of the region’s MPs, Chi Onwurah has comfortably the most constituent Living Wage employers, and there are 20 MPs, almost two thirds of the region’s MPs, where none of the employers in their constituency is a registered Living Wage employer.

Graph of Living Wage employers by constituency

If you are, or know of, an employer working towards Living Wage accreditation, or have recently become accredited, please let me know.


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