What can I do to tackle child poverty?

What can I do to tackle child poverty?

The previous government liked to say that ending child poverty was ‘Everybody’s business’ and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Poverty state that "It is clear that the state cannot do all of the heavy lifting on poverty." Everyone can play a part in tackling poverty.  There are a number of ways that people can get actively involved in tackling child poverty, including:

  • Support one of these very good charities who campaign on child poverty:
    • Children North East, who have been helping poor children for 125 years and still do fantastic work to highlight and tackle poverty
    • Child Poverty Action Group, a national campaigning charity that have have done a huge amount to help poorer families and children
    • The Children's Society, another national body supporting vulnerable children and their families
  • Encourage your employer to become a Living Wage employer, promote family-friendly employment practices, and offer good jobs with progression opportunities
  • Consider the way in which you deliver your work - could you do more to make sure that children and families in poverty can access the goods or services you provide?
  • Recognise and challenge the stereotyping  that can stigmatise families dealing with poverty.  A project involving people living in poverty highlighted this impact and the following quotes are taken from it:

“The worst blow of all is the contempt of your fellow citizens. I and many families live in that contempt.”

“We hear how the media, and some politicians, speak about us and it hurts.”

“The worst thing about living in poverty is the way it gives others permission to treat you – as if you don’t matter”


Work has to be a better route out of poverty. Most poor children have a working parent.

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Poverty leads to poor attainment.  Poor attainment leads to poverty.

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Local Authorities

Councils have a duty to address child poverty through their services, jobs and contracts.

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Everyone can help to tackle child poverty. Every contribution matters.

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