Living Wage

Living Wage

“Staff can deliver better service if they're not also worrying about the rent”

Lush founder and Chief Executive, Mark Constantine

The ‘living wage’ for the UK currently stands at £7.65 per hour, as set by the Living Wage Foundation.  This level is calculated as enough to provide a family with an adequate standard of living, as defined by the public.

Current regional breakdown

Most employees are paid above this level, and most employers pay all their staff at least a minimum wage.  But only 549 employers in the UK are currently registered as Living Wage Employers, and only 20 of these are in the North East (see pie chart). The Commission encourages all employers in the region to sign up if they can.  

Whilst paying the Living Wage may result in a small increase in the wage bill for some employers, benefits can include:

  • a reduction in staff turnover
  • increased staff productivity
  • reduced sickness levels
  • reputational benefits

A number of high profile companies such as KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Barclays Bank, and public bodies including the Greater London Authority, Birmingham City Council and Salford University, are all accredited Living Wage employers. A full list of currently registered Living Wage employers can be found here.

Accredited Living Wage employers in the North East are:

  • Aquila Way 
  • Cedarwood Trust
  • Children North East
  • Coast & Country
  • Consult and Design International
  • Fabrick Housing Group
  • Four Housing
  • Glendale Gateway Trust
  • Involve North East
  • Livin
  • Organise Consulting
  • Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland 
  • Riverside Community Health Project
  • Scotswood Natural Community Garden
  • South Manchester Credit Union
  • Traidcraft
  • Vela Group
  • Vocare Group
  • Waddington Street Centre

Living Wage Foundation details

To find out more about the Living Wage and how to become an accredited Living Wage employer, contact the Living Wage Foundation at

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