Local Duties

Local Duties

Local authorities (councils) have local duties under the Child Poverty Act (2010). These duties require them do certain things ‘with a view to reducing, and mitigating the effects of, child poverty in the responsible local authority's area.’ Specifically, local authorities are required to:

  • Co-operate with partners to reduce child poverty in local area.
  • prepare and publish an assessment a local child poverty needs assessment.
  • prepare a joint child poverty strategy in relation to its area

The strategy should set out how the local authority and its partners plan to reduce and mitigate child poverty in its area and the steps it will take to do this.

Local authorities, local duties and local action

We produced a report examining the approaches of the 12 local authorities in the North East to fulfilling their duties under the Child Poverty Act. The report looked in detail at the priorities for action that the local authorities identified. These broadly fell into 6 themes:

  • Raising aspiration or attainment
  • Tackling worklessness
  • Early intervention
  • Maximising household income
  • Improving health & wellbeing
  • Improving neighbourhoods

The report can be downloaded here:

Local authorities, local duties & local action.pdf


Work has to be a better route out of poverty. Most poor children have a working parent.

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Poverty leads to poor attainment.  Poor attainment leads to poverty.

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Local Authorities

Councils have a duty to address child poverty through their services, jobs and contracts.

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Everyone can help to tackle child poverty. Every contribution matters.

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