Voices on Poverty

Voices on Poverty

“The worst thing about living in poverty is the way it gives others permission to treat you – as if you don’t matter”

“We hear how the media, and some politicians, speak about us a

These quotes are from a Commission on Poverty, Participation and Power, which looked at how people living in poverty were talked about and their lack of participation and power as a result of their lack of resources.

People living in poverty are very often talked about by politicians, policy makers and media commentators, but it is quite rare to see them being listened to. There are, however, many examples where working with people with direct experience of poverty has led to improvements in their lives and has led to different ways of talking about people living in poverty.

This part of the site showcases people's voices about poverty, and how this can lead to better services for people in poverty, better understanding of the causes of and solutions to poverty, and - that terrible word - empowering people who experience poverty.

Much of the material in this section has been provided by Children North East, who are members of the Commission.  They deserve enormous respect for their commitment of giving young people in the region a voice.

If you have material that you would like to add here, please let us know.

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Work has to be a better route out of poverty. Most poor children have a working parent.

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Poverty leads to poor attainment.  Poor attainment leads to poverty.

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Local Authorities

Councils have a duty to address child poverty through their services, jobs and contracts.

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Everyone can help to tackle child poverty. Every contribution matters.

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